My name is Ed Bath. I’m the founder of CitiWood Urban Forest Products. Seven years ago, I started making custom award plaques for conservation groups in Richmond, Virginia using wood from fallen urban trees.

In 2011, a local microbrewery asked me to design and build their new tap handles. I loved the process, the industry, and the people so much that I started working with other small breweries across the United States on their tap handle needs.

Now, tap handles are all that I do. And CitiWood has become a successful family business!

CitiWood is vertically integrated. Everything is done in-house. We recover fallen trees, cut and dry lumber, design tap handles, shape the wood, custom laser engrave, and apply natural finishes. We do everything from start to finish. It gives us complete control of the quality of our products, a tremendous sense of satisfaction, and it’s a whole lot of fun going from the tree to the tap!

We make custom tap handles for a limited number of microbreweries. We’ve found that providing unique, quality products to a few customers is more pleasurable than trying to be the world’s biggest tap handle maker. It also allows us to develop long-term relationships with our customers and to truly understand their needs.

We’re committed to the environment. We use TreeCycledâ„¢ urban wood and natural finishes and adhesives. It keeps our products simple, honest, and real. Turning unwanted trees into beautiful custom taps is extremely fulfilling.

If you’re a microbrewery or start-up that’s looking for custom taps while helping out the environment, contact me. I’d love to discuss what we can do to help you.