We don’t charge any upfront design fees. And we don’t quote any sales prices until we’ve made a sample tap handle that you like.

We couldn’t possibly know how much it costs us to make your custom taps until we’ve made at least one!

To design the perfect tap for your brewery, we “prototype” our way to the finished product.

First, you give us a rough idea of the shape, size, type of wood, and graphics that you’d like. Then we send you a drawing to review.

Next, we make a sample tap and send it to you for any changes. We may repeat this process several times until you’re happy with the actual finished tap that you’re holding in your hands.

Then, we determine the most economical way to build your taps based on the finished design and the quantities that you expect to order over the long run.

That way, we can offer you a reasonable price that keeps us in business. And you don’t pay in advance for something you’ve never seen.

We believe that if we both invest in the design process, the final product will be better, the pricing more reasonable, and the chances for a successful long-term relationship improved.


Hand Made


All of our tap handles are completely made by us, by hand.

We go to the fallen tree and “buck” it into the best possible lengths for making lumber. This is the critical first step in the TreeCycling process and we feel it is essential that we do it ourselves.

We then load the logs onto a trailer and transport them to our sawmill where we saw them into lumber. By doing our own milling, we produce boards that are much better than what’s available at the local lumber store.

Then we hand stack the boards in our solar kiln to dry. Our solar kiln is slower than electric ones, but it is gentler on the wood. And it costs nothing to operate!

Next, we bring the boards into our woodworking shop where we cut, rout, sand, and drill the wood into a tap handle.

Then we use one of our laser engraving machines to etch your logo and text into the tap.

Finally, we hand rub a natural oil finish into the tap handle and allow it two days to fully dry.

All of these steps allow us to work intimately with the wood. And they give us a high degree of quality control. Plus it’s a lot of fun turning urban waste into beautiful, custom tap handles! The satisfaction that we get is priceless.




We make the most environmentally responsible tap handles that we possibly can.

Our taps contain no Volatile Organic Chemicals, emit zero Hazardous Air Pollutants, are 100% Recyclable, and are Sustainable.

We use our own TreeCycledâ„¢ wood that we mill from fallen urban trees. We do not import our wood from foreign countries or use plastics or metals.

Our adhesives are made from plant and animal byproducts. Not from petrochemicals.

The ferrules that we use for attaching the taps to your spigots are made from brass. And they are completely recyclable.

We use natural oil finishes made from plants. Not stains or paint.

By using these natural materials, we keep our products simple, clean, and sustainable.