Every year, Americans bury 4 billion board feet of usable hardwood trees in our city landfills. That’s almost 10 million tons of lumber, or 30% of the trees that we cut down in our virgin forests. America is simply wasting a tremendous natural resource.
City trees give us life by making the oxygen that we breathe. They help prevent erosion, and keep our streets and buildings cooler. And they add beauty to our urban landscapes.

But when an urban tree falls due to storm, age, or development, it’s typically treated as garbage and hauled to the dump. Then it’s either shredded into mulch, or left to rot along with the food scraps, paper, appliances and other trash that goes into our municipal waste stream.

These downed trees take up a lot of room in our landfills and put pressure on local governments to raise our taxes so they can build more and bigger dumps. And as the trees slowly rot, they release carbon into our atmosphere, contributing to pollution.

We believe there is a much better way to treat our fallen trees. We call it TreeCycling.

CitiWood recovers fallen urban trees and keeps them out of the landfill. We make lumber from the trunks, dry the lumber in a solar kiln, and use it to make custom tap handles for craft breweries. We think that’s a much better way to make the most of the urban trees that give us so much during their lifetimes.

Don’t Trash That Tree!